Rent a locker and forget about carrying your luggage

Consigna de maletas, taquillas para compras, taquillas para llaves

Reservations are open from 06:00 am to 05:59 am the next day

Locker L

Height 60 cm, width 43cm, depth 58 cm
2 cabin suitcase

Taquilla L
Locker/day 10€

Locker XL

Height 90cm, width 43 cm, depth 58cm
4 cabin suitcase or 1 large suitcase

Taquilla XL
Locker/day 15€

Locker XXL

Height 250 cm, width 200 cm, depth 168 cm
Special luggage storage

Taquilla XXL

Locker Keys

Height 10,2 cm, width 20 cm, depth 28 cm forget about CHECK IN & OUT!!
Taquilla para llaves

Locker/day 3€
Locker/month 45€

Shopping Locker

Height 48 cm, width 43cm, depth 58 cm
Keep your bags here

Taquilla compras
Locker/day 6€

Get a 40% discount with the COMPRAS code in your reservation

Suitcases are not allowed