Space for your Special Objects

XXL Locker

Need even more space?

At A Lo Locker, we understand that every traveler is unique and that sometimes you need a secure place to store special items that don’t fit in standard lockers. That’s why we’ve created the XXL Locker, designed specifically for your larger and more valuable items, such as surfboards, bicycles, or Mobility Devices.

Taquilla XXL
Taquilla XXL

Features of the XXL Locker

Ample Space: Our XXL Locker offers generous space with dimensions of height 250 cm, width 200 cm and depth 168 cm. This means you have enough space for your special items, without worrying about size.

Guaranteed Security: Like all our lockers, the XXL Locker is protected by 24/7 video surveillance and features Prosegur security. You can rest assured that your belongings will be safe at all times.

What can you store in the XXL Locker?


If you are a surf lover and are exploring the beaches of Bilbao, this locker is ideal for storing your surfboard safely and conveniently.


Si te desplazas en bicicleta por la ciudad o planeas hacer una excursión en las hermosas rutas de Bilbao, la Taquilla XXL es perfecta para guardar tu bicicleta de forma segura.

Mobility Devices

If you have wheelchairs, walkers, electric scooters or other mobility accessories that you need to store safely and conveniently, the XL locker is the ideal solution.

How can I reserve a XXL locker?

Contact Us: for this service and to guarantee your space, we recommend that you contact us directly. You can call us at +34 689 57 10 74 or send us an email to

Booking information: When you contact us, we will provide all the necessary information to complete your booking. Be sure to provide details about the date and duration of your reservation.

Confirmation: Once we have received your booking request, we will provide you with an email confirmation along with instructions on how to access your XXL Locker.

No matter how large or special your items are, at A Lo Locker we are here to offer you a secure and convenient storage solution – contact us today and book your XXL Locker so you can enjoy Bilbao worry-free!

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