Two entrances: Calle de la Torre Nº9 y Calle del Perro Nº6.

Time table

24 hours
Reservations are open from 00:00 am to 23:59 am on the same day*.
* In case of exceeding the time, bust be paid the amount of 1 additional day.

  • Metro Plaza Miguel Unamuno
  • Metro Iglesia San Nicolás
  • Metro Plaza Unamuno, Metro San Nicolás
  • Arriaga Theater
  • Arenal bridge
  • Bus stop, taxi and tram
  • New square
  • San Nicolas church
  • Museum dedicated to basque history
  • Ribera Market
  • San Anton bridge
Near by in 5 min
  • Abando train station
  • Great Route Of Don Diego Lopez De Haro
  • Circular Square
Near by in 10 min

Calle de la Torre Nº9

The street of de la torre nº9, is only 1 min. walking from the cathedral and Santiago square, near cafes and bars characteristic of the old town.

The street of el Perro nº6, is almost at the corner of the street bidebarrieta, one of the best shopping streets in Casco Viejo and rigth next to the dog fountain.

Our lockers are at your disposal within our opening hours, 365 days a year, so you can enjoy Bilbao free of luggage, without carrying your bags or your purchases6

Calle del Perro Nº6