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Frequent questions

It depends on what you need to store. You have several locker sizes to choose from:


  • Locker in Bilbao. M size (Inside measurements: Height 30 cm, Width 43 cm, Depth 58 cm). You can store 1 cabin suitcase. 1 day 8 euros.
  • Locker in Bilbao. L size (Interior measurements: Height 60 cm, Width 43 cm, Depth 58 cm). You can store 2 cabin suitcases plus a small backpack. 1 day 12,00 euros.
  • Locker in Bilbao. XL size (Interior measurements: Height 90 cm, Width 43 cm, Depth 58 cm). 1 day 16,00 euros.


Option 1: You can store 4 cabin suitcases + 1 small backpack: 1 day 16,00 euros.


Option 2: You can store 1 medium suitcase + 1 cabin suitcase: 1 day 16,00 euros.


Option 3: You can store 1 large suitcase + 1 small backpack: 1 day 16,00 euros.


  • Locker in Bilbao. XXL size (Inside measurements: Height 250 cm, Width 200 cm, Depth 168 cm). Locker for bicycles, surfboards and scooters. 1 day 16,00 euros per item.
  • Locker in Bilbao. Shopping (Interior measurements: Height 48 cm, Width 43 cm, Depth 58 cm). Possibility of storing shopping bags, gifts, motorbike helmets or a small backpack. 1 day 8,00 euros.
  • Key locker in Bilbao (Interior measurements: Height 10,2 cm, Width 20 cm, Depth 28 cm). Keys for tourist accommodation: 1 day 5,00 euros, 1 month 60,00 euros.

You can access the luggage lockers in Bilbao that you have booked, any day of the week, 365 days a year.

Your booking is valid for the whole day, from 00:00 until 23:59 of the same day.

If you access the luggage lockers you have booked, for example, from 11:00h, the rental period also ends on the same day at 23:59h.

In a timely manner and with prior notice, we will inform you when the service will be temporarily suspended for the maintenance and security of the lockers. 

Still have doubts? Check this video where we explain everything step by step ->

All reservations are valid for the full day. From 00:00 to 23:59. of the same day.

  1. Go to the Booking section.
  2. Choose the date of delivery and collection of your luggage.
  3. Select the size of locker or luggage storage in Bilbao.
  4. Fill in your personal details and choose a payment method.
  5. You will receive an access code to the premises and ticket office by SMS and by email.

You can find out if there are free lockers through this website, in the Booking section.

You may remain on the premises for as long as it allows you to store your luggage and retrieve what you need.

You may not stay on the premises for purposes such as sleeping or eating.

Our place is located in the heart of the Old Town of Bilbao, next to the Cathedral of Santiago and the Fuente del Perro, near the best areas for a pintxo route. More information in Location.

Yes, our store is fully automated which allows us to offer the luggage storage service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

🔒 Yes, absolutely. Our A lo Locker premises are protected by the company Prosegur.

We have installed video surveillance cameras and an alarm system connected to a 24-hour surveillance centre.

Our luggage lockers in Bilbao have alarm systems connected to detect attempts at forced opening or any other improper act.


And because we know that the security of your luggage is important to you🛡 A lo Locker has a contract in favour of its customers.

The insurance cover is already included in the rental price of the locker in Bilbao.

🔒 If an incident occurs in the A lo Locker premises, the policy covers losses due to damage and/or theft (a police report must be filed).

This insurance does not cover the loss of money, jewellery, precious stones or metals, watches, plasma screens and, in general, technological objects (LCD, navigators, GPS, mobile phones, tablets, computers), antiques, art objects, memory cards or any other media containing images or data.

Our recommendation is that you do not store valuable items. Please note that your travel documents and personal documents (driving licence, ID card, passport, etc.) are kept at your own risk and responsibility.


Yes, you can open your locker as many times as you want during the period that your reservation lasts.

If there is availability, you can change the size of the ticket office or extend your reservation, to do so, contact us at the following number +34 689571074.

Yes, you can cancel your reservation 24 hours before from the MY RESERVATION section. If you need help, contact us at the following number +34689571074.

Eating on the premises is not allowed for reasons of hygiene and cleanliness.

We kindly ask our users to comply with this rule.

No, this locker is special for large luggage such as bicycles, bikebags, surfboards and scooters.

It is strictly forbidden to take photographs or videos of the security mechanisms of the premises (locking system, shop screens, video surveillance cameras, etc.) for security and confidentiality reasons.

In the event of a breach of this rule, the police may be notified in order to saveguard the security of all our users.

You will be able to enter the premises but you will not be able to open your locker.

 The code will be locked. 

If you need help please contact us by phone to solve it, call us on +34 689 57 10 74.


If you need help, please contact us to solve it, call us on +34 689 57 10 74. 

In case of locker jamming, breakdown or any other type of incident, the A lo Locker assistance service is at your disposal. Call us on +34 689 57 10 74.

A lo Locker offers a fully automated service in the centre of Bilbao with 24-hour access. You can store your suitcases or large objects at any time of the day. All our locker rental services in Bilbao are done online.

It depends on what you want to save.

You have three sizes of lockers to choose from:

Locker M. You can store 1 cabin suitcase + 1 backpack or small bag.

Locker L. You can store 2 cabin suitcases + 1 backpack or small bag.

XL locker. Here you have 3 options:

  • Option 1: 4 cabin suitcases + 1 backpack or small bag.
  • Option 2: 1 medium suitcase + 1 cabin suitcase.
  • Option 3: 1 giant suitcase + 1 small backpack.

You have to book online as all bookings are made online. You can only access the premises and ticket office with the personal code that you receive by SMS and by email after making your reservation.

Need help?

Call us on +34 689 571 074 or write to us at or via our Whatsapp assistant.

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